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Maggie Jones

Passionate about providing children with an educational space which allows them to blossom and tools which they will learn to love.

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These flyers can be used to increase and extend vocabulary, learn colours, shapes, numbers, sounds, spelling and words. This is a great way to fully utilise these advertisements, instead of just throwing them in the bin.

Things you can do with your tot to early primary school children:

  1. Ask your child to sort the advertisements according to the products they are advertising eg. food, furniture, clothing et cetera.
  2. Select a food advertisement and ask your child to find various fruits, vegetables, meats etc. Do this by playing “I spy”.
  3. Allow your child to tick foods that they have eaten and enjoyed, draw a cross through foods they don’t like and draw a circle around foods they have never tasted.
  4. Ask your child to find all the items that belong in a fridge or a deep freeze.
  5. Look at what material (paper, cardboard, plastic et cetera) containers of various products are made of and discuss whether that packaging is good for the environment.
  6. Get your child to draw green circles around items you can roll. Draw a blue rectangle around items which are rectangular in shape. Write a red ‘s’ on all the items that are sticky.
  7. Look for numbers on the pages. Count how many 2’s they can find on one page. Draw a circle around numbers smaller than 5. Draw a square around numbers greater than 5.
  8. Find items starting with specific letters.
  9. Using our previous ‘fun idea’ to make a book and create a book with pictures, based on a specific topic.
  10. Find a picture on the advertisement that rhymes with whatever word you give your child.
  11. Sort products into categories eg. products costing the same price, products that have a fragrance, dry and wet products.
  12. Have an imaginary shopping experience and allow your child to buy various items, add the prices together and then pay you. Here you can teach addition, money concepts and giving change.
  13. See if your Tot can recognize Super Market logo’s.
  14. Ask your child to estimate the number of products on the page. Speak about having under estimated or over estimated.
  15. This is a good way to strengthen hand-eye co-ordination: tear a strip of paper off one of the adverts. Drop the torn paper from a height and ask your child to catch it between their 2 hands making a clapping sound. Use different sizes and weights of paper. Toilet paper falls very differently to a piece of newspaper.
  16. Scrunch up a piece of paper and practice throwing it into a waste paper bin or practice drop kicking it into the bin.

Remember to have fun at all times.

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