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Passionate about providing children with an educational space which allows them to blossom and tools which they will learn to love.

Let’s make a Book

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Making books, is a wonderful way to capture the interests of children and encourage their love of books.

The diagram below demonstrates how to make a book. Store all the books in a container and regularly choose a book to read or to show off to visitors. Your child could be the future Dr Seuss or J.K. Rowling, given enough confidence in their ability.

Provide your young child with different topics to cover: me, my family, my book of shapes, my book of numbers, pets, animals, cars, my counting book, my book of sounds, my birthday, things I like, things I don’t like etc.

You can also turn this little book into a fabulous Birthday card.

Switch off the television set for a day and read books. Parents need to be good role models for their children. Let them see you getting excited about books, visiting local book stores or the local library.

Fold an A4 white sheet of paper as follows:

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