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Holy Week Sunday (Easter)

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Experiencing Holy Week is to walk through Jesus’ most trying hours, contemplating the events that led to Easter.

Read: John 20: 1-18

Reflect: This reading is broken up into three acts. The scene opens on a solitary figure walking in the dark. Mary Magdalene, pushes past her fear and goes to the tomb to tend to the body of her teacher and friend.

  1. When she finds the stone removed from the tomb, what conclusion does she jump to?
  2. How often do we jump to conclusions about God’s actions in our lives?
  3. Mary sends Peter and an unnamed disciple back to the tomb. Let’s put ourselves in the place of the unnamed disciple. The disciple referred to as the beloved disciple. You are enthusiastic and get to the tomb first. You wait for Peter to arrive and then you let him enter first. Peter finds the tomb empty. You enter and notice that the burial wrappings are still in the tomb. The reading then says that you saw and believed. What do you think you believed?
  4. Were there any shouts of joy and celebration?
  5. Did the two disciples offer any words of encouragement or comfort to Mary who was standing outside the tomb weeping?
  6. How many people in your congregation will not be feeling joy, hope or certainty this Easter morning? How can you help them?
  7. When Mary enters the tomb, it is not empty. Although Jesus’ body is not there, she finds two angels. What do they ask her? John 20:15
  8. Is Jesus asking the same question of us this Easter? Who or What are we looking for? Who or what are we relying on to dry our tears?
  9. Are we being called to see the new things that God is doing in our lives, in the world and in our church? 2 Cor.5:17 “everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!”
  10. Let us also say: “I have seen the Lord.” John 20:18. Let Mary’s message declare to us a new beginning, which God has prepared for all of us.

Rejoice: JESUS IS ALIVE!!! Let’s celebrate.

Children Rejoice:

Everyone rejoice:

Respond in Prayer: Thank you Lord that death has no power over us and that all our sins are forgiven. Your resurrection gives us hope and peace in a world full of uncertainty and turmoil. Please revive any areas of our lives that seem dead and help us to do your will all the days of our lives. Amen.

Now the weekend is over: Each child receives a cut-out cross which they can decorate with easter-egg metallic paper every time they do something kind.

Jesus’ resurrection is a promise of new life and hope for the future.

Thank you Lord for providing me with this opportunity to serve you at my home church in Cape Town, South Africa:

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