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Why sleep?

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Sleep is essential because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. When we don’t get enough sleep, we will have more problems remembering information, learning new ideas, feeling relaxed and happy, staying fit, recovering from illness, playing sport, moving and reacting quickly.

Babies have different sleep requirements depending on age and stage. Growth hormone is produced during the deeper stages of sleep and is particularly important in the first 6 months of growth in infants.

Sleep Chart for Tot to Teen plus:

AgeRecommended total sleepAcceptable rangeNighttime sleepNaps
Newborn to 3 months14-17 hoursNot less than 11 hours and not more than 19 hours8 – 9 hours7 – 9 hours (3 – 5 naps)
4 to 11 months 12 – 15 hoursNot less than 10 hours and not more than 18 hours8 – 10 hours4 – 5 hours (2 – 3 naps)
Toddlers 1 – 2 years11 – 14 hoursNot less than 9 hours and not more than 16 hours11 – 12 hours1 – 2 hours (1 or 2 naps)
Preschool 3 – 5 years10 – 13 hoursNot less than 9 hours and not more than 15 hours10 – 13 hours1 hour (1 nap)
School Age 6 – 12 years9 – 12 hoursNot less than 8 hours and not more than 14 hours9 – 12 hoursToo busy to nap
Teen 13 – 18 years8 – 10 hoursNot less than 7 hours and not more than 11 hours8 – 10 hoursNapping becomes more popular again
Adult 18 – 60 years7 plus hoursSleep tends to be a luxury7 plus hoursVery little time for naps
Adult 61 – 64 years7 – 9 hours You have earned the luxury7 – 9 hoursMore time for naps
Adult 65 plus years7 – 8 hoursAll depends on the aches and pains7 – 8 hoursLots more time for naps

Be careful how much screen time you have during the day and at night. Looking at blue light from phones or laptops might be “turning down” a “sleep hormone” called melatonin and this makes us feel more alert, which is awful if you are trying to fall asleep. It is also important to make sure that your room is really dark, cool and quiet at bedtime. Light also reduces sleep hormones, hinders transitions between sleep cycles and reduces quality sleep. Too much light can cause repeated awakenings and reduce time spent in deeper, more restorative sleep stages.

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